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World Peacekeepers




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World Peacekeepers Army Battle Command Post H  With 6 Military Figures

This World Peacekeepers Battle Command Post will be the place where all your pretend missions will be co'ordinated from

World PeaceKeepers Army Military Buggy Toy Vehicle With Army Figures

This World Peacekeepers military buggy comes equipped with a full arsenal,

World PeaceKeepers Army Military Lookout Tower With Figures

The World Peacekeepers Lookout Tower is great to keep a lookout for the enemy from a high advantage point. Equipped with a machine gun no-one will sneak up on you.

World Peacekeepers Military Anti Aircraft Missile Army Vehicle Toy with 2 figures

This World Peacekeepers Anti Aircraft Missile Vehicle comes with 2 articulated 1:18 figures and accessories, the figures have 22 articulated points!

World PeaceKeepers Military Defence Unit Toy Playset

This 1:18 scale playset contains 3 action figures that are fully articulated for maximum movement, 3 plastic stone effect wall defences, machine gun and various small accessories.